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Babies Are Disposable But Not Cats

the same architect firm that designed Planned Parenthood’s new mega-abortion facility here in Portland designed the award-winning, “landmark” Oregon Humane Society (OHS) pet hospital and teaching facility in Beaverton, OR.

” . . . the project provides a state-of-the-art facility to support animal care, education, and protection programs.”—-Ankrom Moison Architects

As a pro-life activist, all I see is reflected in our society’s devaluation of the human preborn baby.

So, while in my dogs’ vet office, an article praising pets compelled me to pick up a copy of the OHS Magazine Summer 09 issue.  It’s an expensive-looking slick mag.  The winning entry of a student art contest “that conveyed their love and concern for animals” is titled, “We Are Not Disposable!” – on page 11.  Depicted are cute kittens in a back alley garbage can.

OR_Humane_Soc Grand-Prize Poster

I’ll spare you the comparison to human preborn babies who ARE disposable…for now.

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