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Forgive Me, Al Gore, for I Have Sinned


Let’s pray the USCCB gets off the green bandwagon.

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Neither Babies Nor CO2 Will Harm Planet

Study reveals just how much Green Movement hates people.


Portland Tribune September 24, 2009

Have you hugged your “carbon footprint” today? According to a mathematical study of human reproduction choices referenced in an article in the Tribune’s Sustainable Life section, (‘Is Having A Baby Not So Carbon Friendly?’ 09/10/09), a woman who has a baby is leaving behind a “carbon legacy” due to her “behavior,” i.e., having a baby. As a community health educator (retired), pro-life activist and an adoptive mother, I find the Murtaugh-Schlax study to be a deplorable abuse of science. It is an example of people-hating that is so prevalent in the Green Movement. It’s your fault. It’s your children. It’s time to put a spotlight on this disparaging kind of talk.

Neither babies nor CO2 will harm the planet

See also “Our Opinion Published” page on this site.

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Obama’s Grandmother Given Solar Panels by Greenpeace

“I’ll make sure my grandson hears about it.”

Huh?  Does that mean Obama didn’t give the gift of solar panels to his own grandmother?



Update on Obama’s brother who lives in a hut in Kenya.

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Greens Assert Babies Not Carbon Friendly

“Is Having A Baby NOT SO CARBON FRIENDLY?’” asks the Portland Tribune.

What is ‘Environmental Cruelty’?

“I just want people to be conscious of the cruelty and environmental consequences of all their choices, whether it’s food, clothing or family size,” says Stan Jones-Umberger, 54, a software engineer in Southwest Portland. “I believe humans are unique in their ability to understand this and change their behavior accordingly.”—Emphasis added.  Article excerpt.

We at Green Population Control find this article to be morally reprehensible.  It’s completely one-sided.  The image of an unknown pregnant woman exposing her bulging abdomen – from an image library – is not part of of the story.  The story suggests that children are cruel to the planet and profiles mentally-unstable people who chose not to have children to protect the planet.  It’s insulting!

To Pro-Abortion Enviros:  You Are In Our Crosshairs

However, we are way ahead of the game.  This is why we started this blog.  We recognize that God is warning us to be vigilant to the views and intentions of The Greens.

Pro-lifers be forewarned: the enviros will lobby for forced abortions in the future.

We take the position that we are indebted to the Tribune for exposing The Greens who hold extremist views.  The reporter has posed the question, ‘Is having a baby not so carbon friendly?’  We now respond to what we believe is both an anti-science and anti-family position.

First, the premise that the earth is in peril due to human activity is based on flawed science.  We believe in the Scientific Method not the ‘consensus’ among like-thinking scientists.  Visit JunkScience and read the new book by Steve Milloy, ‘GreenHell:  how environmentalists plan to control your life and what you can do to stop them.’

Second, the “study” cited is statistical hogwash.  We’ve studied it and it’s full of mind numbing blather.  We believe the two authors have an unhealthy and hysterical fear of babies.

The study we’re referring to is Reproduction and Carbon Legacies by Paul A. Murtaugh and Michael G. Schlax. (If it’s not at that link try or Google it.)

The Greens are over-the-top Earth lovers and very whacked out.  Nonetheless, we in the Pro-Life Movement must take them seriously now that we have a Green President in the White House who has the most extreme abortion views of any president.  (It’s significant that Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion provider, donated $10 Million to the Obama campaign.)  The overpopulation fear mongers have been wildly successful indoctrinating adults in positions of power and, sadly, children — and they include Planned Parenthood, the Population Connection (formerly Zero Population Growth), Population Education, and the Earth Day Network (see their new “Happy Birthday Earth” logo).


Jefferson High School’s Carbon Footprint Fair

Planned Parenthood Columbia Willamette’s new abortion facility now under construction on Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd. is being touted by its “green builder” – B and G Builders – as being “sustainable.” They hope to attain an LEED rating, a highly sought after enviro-rating.

This Fair ties nicely into Planned Parenthood’s population control propaganda and it’s Utopian slogan, “Every child should be a wanted child.”  Note that the new Planned Parenthood is located a few blocks from Jefferson H.S. and across the street from two private schools.

‘Children Are A Blessing Not A Carbon Curse’ – One News Now

‘The Dehumanizing Impact of Modern Thought’ – The Discovery Institute



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Student Organizing in Oregon: OSPIRG

If you live in Oregon you probably have heard of OSPIRG.  What is OSPIRG, anyway, you wonder.  Are they simply those pesky students with clipboards knocking at your door during dinner?

OSPIRG is the Oregon State Public Interest Research Group.

Seriously, these kids need to be told “No!”  Our family put a sign on our window that reads, ‘NO OSPIRG.’ We haven’t been bothered by them since.  The last time one of them came by our home they were hawking research in unsafe children’s toys – again!  OSPIRG has been recruiting gullible students at Portland State University (PSU) since the 1970’s.

Unsafe Toys Research A Smokescreen for Subversives

OSPIRG’s slogan is “Standing Up To Powerful Interests.”  They need to look in the mirror by now because OSPIRG has become a powerful interest themselves.

For instance, OSPIRG are influence peddlers in voter turnout:

OSPIRG’s New Voter Project

2006 Elections

In fall 2006, the Student PIRGs’ New Voters Project worked on 80 college campuses in 22 states, including Oregon, to boost voter turnout. We forged alliances with student government leaders, faculty and administrators and recruited over 1,100 students to lead or volunteer on their campus. Our hard-working coalition partners and student leaders registered 75,000 students to vote. Leading up to Election Day, we made 94,000 personalized Get Out the Vote reminders either over the phone or face-to-face.

OSPIRG’s sister organization is Environment Oregon:

Environment Oregon will use the same result-oriented advocacy that made OSPIRG so successful. The new focus of the two organizations will help Environment Oregon and OSPIRG launch a new era of action and advocacy.

Oh yippee.  Oregon does have a dearth of lunatic climate change organizations and agencies.  NOT.

So, to recap, Oregon students can put on condoms, turn down their thermostats, recycle trash, and ride bicycles through rush hour.  But can they read or do simple arithmetic?  Hmm.  Makes me wonder if PSU still has high school-level classes in Algebra and Writing.


University of Oregon’s ‘Oregon Commentator,’ a conservative/libertarian student paper, on OSPIRG

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