Neither Babies Nor CO2 Will Harm Planet

Study reveals just how much Green Movement hates people.


Portland Tribune September 24, 2009

Have you hugged your “carbon footprint” today? According to a mathematical study of human reproduction choices referenced in an article in the Tribune’s Sustainable Life section, (‘Is Having A Baby Not So Carbon Friendly?’ 09/10/09), a woman who has a baby is leaving behind a “carbon legacy” due to her “behavior,” i.e., having a baby. As a community health educator (retired), pro-life activist and an adoptive mother, I find the Murtaugh-Schlax study to be a deplorable abuse of science. It is an example of people-hating that is so prevalent in the Green Movement. It’s your fault. It’s your children. It’s time to put a spotlight on this disparaging kind of talk.

Neither babies nor CO2 will harm the planet

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One response to “Neither Babies Nor CO2 Will Harm Planet

  1. This has become a popular topic for naysayers as of late given that the studies that target reproduction being linked to climate change are rising in frequency and potency. Discussions of overpopulation are not new, but its effects are become more visible with each passing generation so the voices are getting louder. In the end, people can deny the need or the moral injustice of addressing the issue, but it does not change the inevitability of its realization. It only passes it onto the next generation.

    Our limited lifespan combined with our ever-shrinking foresight (certainly as Americans, but most likely as a race) ends up blurring the common sense required to respond to the issue of the number of people on the planet.

    Is there a limited number of resources on the planet? As large as the number is, can they be quantified? Absolutely. Is there a limited amount of water and land? Most certainly. Is there a finite amount of air? I think science would say yes.

    So given those things, there are numbers, somewhere, that are limits to how many human beings can survive on the plant at various standards of living. We may be closer or father away from that limit depending on who you listen to, but the answer does not escape the simple logic. Infinite population and expansion are not possible.

    So yes, we can throw up our hands and say child birth is a right of humanity that cannot be questioned. We can say we do not care, and we can say that because it is not a problem that we, our children, or our grandchildren will face the full effects. What we cannot say is that Earth can hold an infinite number of humans. But sooner or later a responsible generation will sit up from their lawn chair or look away from their computer screen and realize the issue needs to be addressed in some capacity.

    This is not about anyone “hating people.” It is about everyone having to broaden their frame of reference beyond their own living room and realize that there is an issue that will eventually compromise our race’s way of life.

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