Animals Are People, Too?

Portland Tribune.  Nov. 24, 2011.


The school is the Lewis & Clark School of Law. 

Pro-Life Action of Oregon comments:

It’s a terrible insult to the pro-life movement to refer to animal “personhood.”  As long as 4,000 innocent babies in the womb are tortured by abortion instruments every single day, NO ONE ought to be spending their lives protecting animals from pain.

Animal rights in Oregon is a direct assault on human reason, motherhood, and families.  Is anyone at Lewis & Clark School of Law fighting for overturning Roe v. Wade, for educating society on the realities of abortion!?

Book:  “A RAT IS A PIG IS A DOG IS A BOY:  THE HUMAN COST OF THE ANIMAL RIGHTS MOVEMENT.” by bioethicist Wesley J. Smith, a senior fellow at the Discovery Institute.

We photographed the quote below which is at the front of the Oregon Humane Society.  Gandhi was a Hindu!  Hindus do not eat their cattle.  Their cows are sacred and worshiped as gods!  We’re not a Hindu nation!


Entrance to Oregon Human Society


The Sacred Cows of India.  Running freely everywhere, stinking up the place.


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