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Environmentalists Claim Contraception, Agenda 21 Will End Global Warming

OverPopulation Hysterics

Environmentalists Claim Contraception, Agenda 21 Will End Global Warming.

LifeSiteNews, Mar 6, 2012


WASHINGTON, D.C., March 6, 2012, (—While President Barack Obama and Kathleen Sebelius claim contraceptives can lower health care costs, influential environmentalist activists say birth control may save the world from the scourge of global warming. At a think tank conference last week, activists promoted Agenda 21 and United Nations climate change meetings, claiming that promotion of lower fertility rates “trumps almost anything else” and that the average 14-year-old girl “needs to know how to have” sex “for her pleasure.


King Obama overseeing his realm.  Photo:

King Obama surveys his environment.


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