Zappa-Disney Green Child a Product of Soil?

This is probably the story that the Greens have been waiting for!



It appears that the little boy is a tree or vine of some kind.  Right.  A child that is closer to a plant species is probably more lovable.  We will have to wait for the review by the Greens.


Story by Ahmet Zappa, son of Frank . . .

Frank Zappa

Frank Zappa (Photo credit: Lord_Henry)

Well, I wouldn’t allow a child anywhere near a product of both a Zappa and (“Gay Day”) Disney.  Too much of a Freak Out.  It Can’t Happen Here?

Just to be fair, I once relished my copy of “Freak Out” and went to three Zappa concerts in L.A.  I was 18.  That was fun.  That was the one and only record of his I could stomach.

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