Who Are They Fooling? Planned Parenthood’s “Green Choices” To Protect Your Health



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4 responses to “Who Are They Fooling? Planned Parenthood’s “Green Choices” To Protect Your Health

  1. profbob2

    Professors at Cornell University who study overpopulation have calculated that if the world is going to accommodate everyone at the level of the United States and Europe it can only handle about• 1.5 billion people, we now have about 6 billion people more than that. Do you have any scientific evidence that this is not true?
    Many children are born to parents who do not want them. Unloved children are likely to grow up to be mentally ill, criminals or terrorists. Can you imagine the jihadists of ISIL coming from loving homes then beheading noncombatants and killing innocent people who don’t believe as they do.
    Have you read Book 1 of the series on overpopulation and the importance of having a loving parents? See andgulliverreturns.info
    It seems cruel to me to bring unwanted children into the world. Do you disagree?

    • Professor Bob, we welcome comments like yours to learn about how people think.

      “Loving homes” is a Utopian idea.

      Columbia University History Professor Matthew Connelly wrote in “Fatal Misconception: The Struggle to Control World Population” (Harvard University Press, 2008), “The great tragedy of population control, the fatal misconception, was to think that one could know other people’s interests better than they knew it themselves. In the case of the global population control movement, it was and is wealthy, elite, white Western people deciding how many children less fortunate people should have.”

      Overpopulation is a myth and it stirs up hatred towards humans. To be more specific, it’s a well orchestrated tactic to promote, fund, and employ abortion.

      I advise that you get yourself immediately out from under your pessimistic academic circle and immerse yourself in a more positive, hopeful group of people. It may save your life!

      Steve McQueen was a so-called unloved child. He spent his adolescence in a boy’s home. He pulled himself up by the bootstraps and made a life for himself. There are millions of kids from broken / dysfunctional / unloved homes who are doing amazing things. And we are better for knowing them, celebrities or not!

      People believe a lot of things that turn out to be a lot of hooey.

      For example:

      2005 Gallup (see link under Paranormal, below)
      25% Americans believe in Astrology, or that the position of the stars and planets can affect people’s lives

      According to a new survey by the National Science Foundation, nearly half of all Americans say astrology, the study of celestial bodies’ purported influence on human behavior and worldly events, is either “very scientific” or “sort of scientific.”

      By contrast, 92 percent of the Chinese public think horoscopes are a bunch of baloney.

      What’s more alarming, researchers show in the 2014 Science and Engineering Indicators study, is that American attitudes about science are moving in the wrong direction. Skepticism of astrology hit an all-time high in 2004, when 66 percent of Americans said astrology was total nonsense. But each year, fewer and fewer respondents have dismissed the connections between star alignment and personality as bunk.
      http://www.upi.com/Science_News/2014/02/11/Majority-of-young-adults-think-astrology-is-a-science/5201392135954/ Feb. 2014

      • profbob2

        Gog and one man is a majority. The great masses of people will always remain impervious to reason. (Aristotle) Read the book I suggested then refute it with facts, not uninformed opinions.

      • Professor Bob, we got off topic. I will briefly address only one thing in your recent comment: you implied that we are “impervious to reason.” I suppose you mean I’m against science. I am for any science that respects humanity. In fact, legal abortion is “The Eclipse of Reason.”

        Back on to the topic of my post. You haven’t commented on the hypocrisy of Planned Parenthood’s warnings about “toxic chemicals” in household products which I put in my blog post: hormonal contraceptives and the abortion pill cause cancer. Hormonal contraceptives are a Class A carcinogen according to the WHO. Look it up. (That’s not an opinion of mine.) PP is not concerned about women’s health one iota. Those are facts. I have all the facts about PP in my head. However, for your sake I suggest you visit some websites.

        1. The book that you need to read that exposes Planned Parenthood is “GRAND ILLUSIONS: the Legacy of Planned Parenthood.” George Grant. 4th Edition. 2000.

        The American Library Association says publicly that they do not ban books. Well, they always ban this one. They also always ban any book that reveals the dirty truth about Margaret Sanger. Again, that’s not an opinion of mine. Sanger is always a “pioneer” of women’s rights to the ALA. Grant’s book “Killer Angel” is more accurate.

        2. Film. Planned Parenthood’s Eugenics Roots continue to this day. Maafa 21: The History of Eugenics in America.

        We in the pro-life movement are more informed than you think. I have a degree in public health. I studied Environmental Health at university. The first topic was overpopulation. The subject was taught to put African families in a bad light; they have too many kids, we were taught. Now, after studying and using my reason, I know more than I did. Maybe you’re stuck in the past of what you learned in college, too. With that in mind, here are two more resources.

        3. Population Research Institute – debunking overpopulation myths.

        4. Rachel Carson Was Wrong! about DDT. It actually saved lives of humans.

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