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Are you stuck in the past?  Did you learn in college that Africans have too many children?  Did you learn that DDT kills the American Condor?

My name is Nina D. Rhea.  We in the pro-life movement are more informed than the pro-aborts take us for.  I have a degree in public health, 1990. I studied Environmental Health at university. The first topic was overpopulation. The subject was taught to put African families in a bad light; they have too many kids, we were taught. Now, after studying and using my reason, I know more than I did back then.

This blog exposes the emerging “green” alliances between:

  • The Pro-Abortion Lobby and the Environmentalists.
  • The Green Movement and the Abortion Agenda.
  • The Population Control ideologues and aggressive abortion and contraception tactics.

While you spend time on our blog, we recommend looking into those organizations listed under “Population Foes” — these are pro-aborts.  We do not list any organization without confirming their position on abortion and population control.

Some organizations, like Ecotrust, have hosted Planned Parenthood fund raisers.  Thus, they get put under “Population Foes.”  However, Ecotrust’s website may not have explicit mention of population control.


(Portland, Ore)  The above photograph was taken by me during construction of Planned Parenthood’s new mega-abortuary in 2008.  Their Green Builder, B&G Builders, boasts “Sustainable Solutions” on their signs around the construction site.

Sustainable Solutions = Population Control = INCREASED ACCESS TO ABORTION in the predominantly Black neighborhood of inner Northeast Portland . . . disguised as ‘REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH CARE.’

If the Democrats have their way, America will be FORCED to OBEY a policy of one-child per family.

green hell milloy

We highly recommend the 2009 book Green Hell:  How Environmentalists Plan To Control Your Life and What You Can Do To Stop Them. This informative book was written by STEVE MILLOY, founder of publisher of JunkScienceMilloy also has the Green Hell Blog.

While we are all for a clean, livable environment, we need to oppose the Environmentalists for their people-hating extremism.

Close The Zoos

The one topic we agree on with the animal rights people like PETA is zoo closure.

HOWEVER, our reason is an economic one.  Zoos are bilking taxpayers for expensive exhibits, grounds keeping, veterinarian services, and breeding.

We want this tax money to go toward ending unethical treatment of families.  Divorce is too easy to obtain, harming children who then turn around and put stress on law enforcement, social services, etc.  This is wrong.

REDIRECTION of these taxes for zoos should also go to a wide sweeping reform of reading and math in public schools:  BACK TO BASICS.

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  1. cornellcatholic

    Hello! I am trying to learn more about this issue, and clicked on the link for Ecotrust listed under “Population Foes.” However, I couldn’t find anything about population control, birth control, sterilization, or abortion on their site. Above, you say “We do not list any organization without confirming their position on abortion and population control.” If you could please send me your links/resources on how Ecotrust promulgates population control as a solution to global climate change, I would appreciate it!

    Peace & blessings!

    • Ecotrust is listed as a “Population Foe” because they consistently host Planned Parenthood fund raisers at Ecotrust’s Portland HQ. The fund raisers are known as Sexy Tuesdays. Visit that page, in the left column under ‘Events,’ click “Sexy Tuesdays Past Event Photos” and you will see Ecotrust photos. Whilst protesting outside Ecotrust, a young female bragged about her abortions, “I’m very happy about my abortions. I have two Masters degrees now.”

  2. saynsumthn

    Have you watched Maafa21? It shows the link from eugenics to abortion/Planned Parenthood and Black Genocide. Worth a purchase for sure ! see short clip here: http://www.maafa21.com